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This week we interview Mina Caputo from Life of Agony. She discusses the last 12 years of LOA, what it's like to be transgender in the hard rock/heavy metal scene and how she believes the band's upcoming release A Place Where There’s No More Pain is the most passionate and honest album she has ever made.

We also discuss the Tim Lambesis situation, introduce a new product he is selling and contemplate whether or not we would support an As I lay Dying reunion. We talk about Attila and the protection of their fans from security guards, the Nickelback vs. Arnold Twitter feud and the ultimate fear of giving your kid a great heavy metal name like Iron Maiden only to have him rebel against the scene.

Life of Agony - “A Place Where’s There’s No More Pain”
Body Count - “No Lives Matter”

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This week the boys discuss the need for a Heavy Metal President, and what choices we are stuck with on both sides. We play the mudslinging ads from both parties and we discuss the major platforms for each candidate, their surprise choices for running mates, and we ask fans to vote on who they would want to represent all the tough decisions to be made in metal in 2017.

We also chat with Pallbearer guitarist/vocalist Brett Campbell and bassist Joseph Rowland about the band's upcoming new record Heartless. We discuss how Brandon got us in trouble with our bosses via email, they tell us the downside of constantly receiving great reviews, they share a story about the time Phil Anselmo threatened to poke their eyes out, and they choose their picks for Heavy Metal President in 2017.

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The MetalSucks Podcast returns after a two-month hiatus! 

Your new hosts Brandon Hahn and Petar Spajic speak with Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida, who has a lot to say about all the negative trolls their new material has brought out, working with Ross Robinson, the live headline tour they're about to embark upon and the record release parties each night after their headline set is complete. 

We also tackle the hardcore scene in light of the tragedy that occurred at a recent Code Orange show in Salt Lake City, when a young woman's jaw was broken in the mosh pit from a spin-kick to the face. We discuss our past hardcore show experiences, and how the scene has been an important gateway despite its constant negative press. We also offer some potential solutions, and new dance moves that may help the scene move in a more positive direction.

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