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Nergal of the mighty Behemoth is our guest this week. Chuck and Godless had the opportunity to have a conversation with the man about his personal life philosophy, where he stands in the world of metal, his role in the band and their success and how his battle with disease has shaped his worldview. Kinda heavy.

The Revolver Golden Gods Awards took place this week, and although it's great that there is some form of award for metal music, does it really represent what is happening out there in the world of metal, or is it just glad-handing the most popular bands they can find at the time? We also listen to and dicuss the new Slayer song: is it even necessary, or does their legacy supersede the music?

Behemoth - "Oro Pro Nobis Lucifer"
Slayer - "Implode"

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Amos Williams, just one of the masterminds behind Tesseract sits down with us before their show in Austin, we talk about how a band can go through four vocalists when they only have two albums, whether or not Ashe O'Hara is the right fit for the band now, and how the past effects the future of this ground breaking band; also he just has a sexy accent, that goes a long way.

After Shane Blay said he can't quit Oh, Sleeper because he has it "tattooed on his chest," Chuck and Godless want to see your shittiest tattoos of a band, you know you have them so be ready to tweet them, or add them to the comments, and they try to figure out why you would even think about getting a band tattoo, if there is a circumstance where it makes sense to get your favorite act permanently added to your skin, probably not.


Tesseract - "Nocturne"

Conquering Dystopia - "Ashes of Lesser Men"



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Opeth mastermind Mikael Akerfeldt guests on this week's podcast to talk about their new album that drops in June, his life, how his kids take to metal and whether or not he is done with "death metal" altogether.

Chuck and Godless also discuss the week's news about As I Lay Dying and the new project without Tim Lambesis, and they try to figure out why the band members keep having unfortunate missteps with their soon-to-be incarcerated lead singer.

Plus, with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction of KISS this week, Chuck and Godless argue about who the first ten inductees into the Metal Hall of Fame would be. Not bands, individuals. Not hard rock, not R & B, not heavy metal, but METAL! It's harder than you think!

Opeth - "Slither"
Trap Them - "Salted Crypts"

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Vince and Axl sit down with the spandex-wrapped vessel of hair metal, Steel Panther. They don't get to talk for long, but they don't need much time to make you laugh, and, for that matter, cry. They talk about the new Steel Panther album, inspiration for their hit songs, and their talents for flatulence.

Chuck and Godless talk about the rash of performers getting caught on video completely blotto on stage and discuss whether it cheats the fans or makes for 'special' moments you will never see again. We also invited MS contributor Grim Kim to offer a serious discussion about women in the metal scene and metal journalism, we talk about how musicians treat young women, but also how young women metal fans are viewed in general and ways to address the stereotypes every female metal fan must confront. Changing lives one podcast at a time!

Steel Panther - "Gangbang at the Old Folks Home"
Misery Index - "The Calling"

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