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Our guest Kirk Windstein of the mighty Crowbar discusses his 25 years with the band, how he needed to change his focus away from Down towards his family and Crowbar, and the influence Exhorder had on Crowbar's sound in the early days.

Chuck and Godless also talk about their favorite albums of 2013 -- as much as they could in this "extended" episode -- and they discuss KEN Mode's threat to fans who text at their shows and how that relates to a terrible Fear Factory performance Chuck saw last week.

This is the final episode of the year, so thank you for listening. We have a lot of good stuff lined up for 2014!

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Troy Sanders of Mastodon guests on the podcast this week. We talk about Mastodon's new DVD Live at the Brixton, why the band looks prettier in this one than on Live at the Aragon, Troy's kids and family growing with the band, and also how it feels to be the second sexiest hunk in metal.

Chuck and Godless also discuss whether bands should evolve away from where they originally started, if those moves should be accepted or shunned, or even if such a change calls for a band to start over. The 50 Hunkiest Dudes in Metal list gets a once over, and we try and decide if it is too sexist toward the beastly gender or exactly the right amount of what we deserve.

Mastodon - "All the Heavy Lifting"
Disfiguring the Goddess - "Industrial Quarter"

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Our guest this week: the legendary Matt Pike of High on Fire! Not only did he play a show with his shirt on, but he allowed us a glimpse into his mind post-rehab, how his life is shaping up without drugs and booze, and how he handles some serious situations that come up on the road.

We also try and shake off the Thanksgiving hangover by talking about the sickness that is Ian Watkins and the Lostprophets mess, and we discuss whether an album that came out two months ago should even be considered as the best metal album of all time.

High on Fire - "Slave the Hive"
Wax Audio - "South of the Grapevine"

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