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Our guest this week is the always-controversial Billy Milano, former lead singer for S.O.D. and current frontman for M.O.D. We hit record in mid-sentence and find out about his dog, Buster, who just passed away, his history with animals, his family, food, and how he gets mis-represented as the character he portrays in his stage life.

Chuck and Godless talk about the stagedive heard round the world by some dude named Watsky. He lived, but he hurt a few people in the audience and apparently has no idea about the "miracle" of gravity and physics. We also try and figure out why we needed a metal tribute to Michael Jackson, or, for that matter, any tributes at all.

S.O.D. - "Kill Yourself"
Chuck Billy/Various - "Thriller"

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This week Mark Osegueda of Death Angel fends off Godless' advances as we talk to him at a stop of Death Angel's latest tour. We chat about their rise to to the forefront of thrash metal, the bus accident that led to their break-up in 1991, Mark's time managing a vintage clothing store and more.

Chuck and Godless also discuss how lesser known bands can get attention from blogs, zines and critics and they completely disagree about the best methods. Good music and recording vs. drama and boobs? We argue, you decide!

Death Angel - "Fallen"
Weekend Nachos - "No Idols and No Heroes"

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This week we get to know the day to day operation of Gojira with our special guest, Joe Duplantier. Joe gives us insight into how they structure their tour runs, which brother is Mom's favorite and gives us a sneak peak at a song they were working on before we rudely interrupted.

We also share some adventures from FunFunFun Fest, give a salute to our retired military for Veterans Day and somehow relate advances in the technology of war to the technological advances of music -- creating it, recording it and playing it live.

Gojira - "Liquid Fire'
Dethklok - "Blazing Star"

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Tom Araya of the legendary Slayer is our guest this week; we speak about life in small town Texas where he lives, his family and experience with loss surrounding Jeff Hanneman and how it has affected his songwriting, and why bands need to get over themselves and lose the egos.

We talk about Broken Hope's apology to Glen Benton of Deicide (and take a little credit for working through the drama), we examine Brandan Schieppati of Bleeding Through's letter of disappointment to himself and his fans and hope he isn't trying to slit his wrists because of a facebook comment, and we discuss whether bands should stick to the hits on tour, play full albums, or just perform the new stuff.

Slayer - "Evil Has No Boundaries"
Suicide Silence - "No Pity for A Coward"

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