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TesseracT guitarist James Monteith is our guest this week. We talk about the meaning behind the title of the band's new album Sonder, the dark storytelling process for their music video “King," how shorter records make more sense these days, the importance of trends and timing in modern music, his day job as a music publicist, the correlation between Brexit in Monteith's native U.K. and Trump's America, how technology is a part of the identity of today's youth, the psychology of the modern music fan, how big retailers are to blame for the mainstream fashion trend of metal shirts and more.

Petar, Brandon, and Joz tackle John Travolta praising Fred Durst, our excitement level for the new Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway record, Burn the Priest's voicemail advertisement, and the food that best represents America (according to Jozalyn).

Tesseract - “King”
Octopus - “Supernatural Alliance”

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Dimmu Borgir guitarist and founder Silenoz is our guest this week. We discuss the writing process of the band's new record Eonian and the motivations behind it, how after eight years a new record becomes an event for fans, Dimmu Borgir's 20-plus year relationship with Nuclear Blast Records, the 15th anniversary of Death Cult Armageddon, his thoughts on eventual retirement after 25 years of doing this, and the experience of playing live with a 100-piece orchestra.

Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn tackle Apple's plans to discontinue digital downloads on iTunes, being forced into streaming as a consumer, how that could be good for physical product sales, and value versus convenience when it comes to art. Following Vince and Axl's recent video, we have our own debate about whether a new Guns N' Roses record will be any good, and Brandon gives his take on ageism in meaningful rock and metal lyrics.

Dimmu Borgir - “Interdimensional Summit”
Melvins - “Stop Moving To Florida”

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Legendary frontman John Bush (Armored Saint, ex-Anthrax) joins us this week to discuss the early days of Armored Saint, their goal of getting signed prior to playing 50 shows, Mike Piazza’s favorite track by the band, the writing process for classic album Symbol of Salvation, the stories behind the Anthrax records he performed on, his approach to writing lyrics with a broad appeal while remaining honest, and how he would love to play Win Hands Down in its entirety in 2025.

Meanwhile, we create an ad for the new Twilight EP, discuss System of a Down touring without a new record, how System have managed to become both critics' darlings and fan favorites, and what it's like to watch bands perform when you think they hate each other on stage.

Armored Saint - “Dropping Like Flies"
Armored Saint - “An Exercise in Debauchery”

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We talk to Benji Webbe of Skindred about their new record Big Tings, the change in sound on this record, surviving getting stabbed in the neck and how close he came to dying, how gun control works in the UK, the importance of listening to the children, and the Babymetal controversy he was part of during the Kerrang awards.

Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn have a field day with Frankie from Emmure's diss track, prove that a two-year old can write a better one, make a formal challenge to both Emmure and Attila, and discuss the special edition of the Podcast on which MS co-founder Vince Neilstein and Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante debate whether technology has affected the music industry for better or worse.

Skindred - “That’s My Jam”
Aura Noir - “Dark Lung of the Storm”

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Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and MS co-founder Vince Neilstein go one-on-one in a debate about how technology has affected the music industry. We discuss Benante's assertion that "Apple had a big hand in destroying music," his preference for listening to music on physical formats, the income artists and labels earn from streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube, "pay what you want" pricing models and how all those things fit into the overall economic picture of the modern artist. 

Song: Anthrax - "Breathing Lightning" (Live)

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Underoath vocalist Spencer Chamberlain is our guest. We discuss the band's new record Erase Me (out April 6th), the decision to make a new record after reuniting to tour, the reason the band decided to call it quits in 2013, the importance of the break-up in hindsight, his past struggles with addiction and the way he beat it, the most irritating thing about the current state of our country and much more.

MetalSucks co-founder Vince Neilstein joins Petar, Brandon and Jozalyn to discuss the controversy surrounding Watain: the image that surfaced of their guitarist giving the Nazi salute, frontman Erik Danielsson's response and the people who defend the band. We also talk about the discovery of Inquisition vocalist Dagon's past child pornography charges and the pass that certain artists get despite their heinous past behavior, and we talk about the tragic passing of Caleb Scofield of Cave In and how fans of the band have stepped up to show his family that they aren’t alone.

Underoath - “Rapture”
Failure - “Dark Speed”
Cave In - “Luminance”

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