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KEN mode brothers Jesse and Shane Matthewson sit in on this episode. We talk about their recent Converse video; the realization that they're both accountants as are their parents, what it's like to put everything on tour in terms of dollars of merch sold, and whether or not their extremely high frequency of touring is worth while or not.

Chuck and Godless also revisit the topic of the mosh pit and audience safety in light of the $1.4 Million judgement against Fishbone, the fan arrested at a Bring Me the Horizon show and the security collapse during the Thy Art is Murder set at Soundwave festival. Who is to blame?

KEN mode - "Your Heart Warming Story Makes Me Sick"
Hark - "Black Hole South West"

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The MetalSucks Podcast #38: Special Guest Scott Ian of Anthrax

Scott Ian drops in for this week's episode to talk about his upcoming Speaking Words tour, crowd funding his new DVD, Anthrax reclaiming their spot on the big four, getting made up as Jack the Ripper for Kirk Hammett's FestEvil and most importantly where his child was conceived. SO many news items to cover, Chuck and Godless focus on the band changes going on, The Faceless, Dave Lombardo and Slayer and what the hell happened to Newsted and Mustaine with the Soundwave Festival?



Anthrax - Got the Time

Junius - Battle In the Sky

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Chuck and Godless spent a week floating around the Caribbean with 40 bands and 2000 metalheads on the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise, and they've got a couple stories to tell... at least what they can remember.

Soilwork, The Haunted and 70,000 Tons of Metal organizer Andy Pillar are the special guests on this week's podcast: Chuck and Godless get into how Soilwork deal with equipment issues, how the members of The Haunted handle the At the Gates reunion taking up so much of their band, and how a festival on the open seas can happen without as much as a hiccup.

The Haunted - "Eye of the Storm"
Soilwork - "Spectrum of Eternity"

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Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society brings his wisdom to this episode. We talk about his run-ins with health issues, his recent birthday, how his dad's service in WWII affected him and whether he could be the man who could bring Pantera together.

Chuck and Godless also talk about some of their experiences from the 70K Tons of Metal cruise and coming back to the non-metal real world. They also discuss whether there are more women coming to metal shows in light of the recent MTV article, and if that matters other than growing the fanbase.

Black Label Society - "My Dying Time"
Within Temptation - "Dangerous (feat. Howard Jones)"

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