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Paul Masvidal of Cynic is our guest this week. We have a long chat about his childhood, anger issues, his career as a writer for television and movies, the new Cynic album and why Focus broke up the band nearly 20 years ago.

Chuck and Godless also talk about the importance of bands getting an accountant and deciding up front how to divide up the workload in light of the current situation Machine Head find themselves in, with former bassist Adam Duce suing the band. We also get stoked for the upcoming 70K Tons of Metal cruise this week.

Cynic – "Kindly Bent to Free Us"

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We grill this week's guest Trevor de Brauw of the mighty Pelican about taking a break from his job to do an interview, if he's learned anything from his time in the music industry to help his band's career, how cloth diapers effect his neighbors and if not having a singer means less band drama.

Chuck and Godless try and figure out why Metal, with a capital M, is getting less flak in the media lately when violent acts happen. We're not getting blamed for mass shootings, but we still have crazy dudes stabbing people and threatening politicians on Facebook. We also ponder a return to the kinder, gentler age of Fred Durst and Nu Metal; has Metal Hammer accidentally conjured that terrible time in metal just by shining a light on it? You hope so... for reals, yo!

Pelican - "The Tundra"
Cannabis Corpse - "The Inhalation Plague"

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You may have just seen them perform on Letterman on Friday night, and now Aaron Beam from Red Fang is our guest on the podcast. We talk about turning 40 years old in an up-and-coming band, knowing that you just wrote a hit song, and his wishlist for a no-nonsense and mixed bag tour lineup.

We cover the latest revelation from Jason Newsted about his ouster from Metallica and the main reason no one remembers Echobrain (hint: not because of James Hetfield). We also talk about musicians deciding to retire in light of Dan Lilker's recent announcement that his time in music is done, and we wonder why anyone would quit, or mostly why they would bother to announce it.

Red Fang - "Blood Like Cream"
De La Tierra - "Maldita Historia"

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The always controversial Dave Mustaine is our guest this week. We chat about his kids, learning to be a better person, his relationship with Roadrunner Records and we try to get an answer out of him about that whole "big four not happening again" thing from last year.

Chuck and Godless talk about metal drumming and whether or not drummers are even necessary anymore, Godless predicts what will happen in the metal world during 2014 and Chuck tries to hammer out the details of his birthday party coming up in a few weeks.

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