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This week Chuck and Godless talk to Rody Walker from Protest the Hero about his obsession with Star Trek (chosen poorly, in Chuck's opinion), their uber-successful crowdfunding campaign, the new album Volition and how he doesn't know anything about writing music.

We also talk about the Broken Hope stabbing incident in El Paso and whether or not we need to stop circle pits altogether, we cover our experience at the Housecore Horror Film Fest and we discuss why Orgy should have never expected to make more than ten bucks with their effort to regain former glory.

Protest the Hero - "A Life Embossed"
Disfiguring the Goddess - "The Pathway to Everlasting Nothingness"

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Controversy erupted this week when Deicide's Glen Benton kicked Broken Hope off their current tour. Broken Hope shared their side of the story on the Interhole, so we decided to talk with Benton to get his side of the story. After covering the controversy, Benton shared all sorts of other info with us about his life, Deicide, and more. 

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Chance Garnette calls in to talk about the new Skeletownitch album that drops next week, what it's like touring with the band ten years in, and who his Mom actually comes to see when he and his brother are playing live.

We also discuss Metallica's ongoing willingness to take risks in the context of the flop of Through the Never; whether a music festival, movie or a terrible record with Lou Reed, you can't deny that they're pushing the envelope... or can you? Godless explains why "doom" or "occult" rock sucks -- or at least isn't trying very hard -- and Chuck just wants to listen to yacht rock.

Skeletonwitch - "Serpents Unleashed"
Noctum - "Liberty In Death"

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This week we try and make sense of the White Wizzard controversy with one of our guests Joeseph Michael, the ousted singer of the band who has been the focus of most his former band mate Jon Leon's misery. We also have Adam D from Killswitch Engage on to talk about the upcoming tour with Lamb of God, their album with returning singer Jesse Leech, and whether or not metalcore is dead. We also try to figure out why Danzig is a douchebag (we could do a whole show and not find the answer) after he tells his audience to go after another fan filming his performance, and whether or not you need to put your damn phone away during a live show.

Killswitch Engage - "Beyond the Flames"
Protest the Hero - "Without Prejudice"

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Our guest is the legendary Gene Hoglan. Not only is he the nicest guy in metal, but he has the longest list of active projects of anyone ever (including Testament and Dethklok). Gene gives us his thoughts about Jeff Hanneman's funeral, why he isn't drumming for Slayer, his struggle with weight and how his latest round of clinics, The Gene Hoglan Experience, is not just for drummers.

We also discuss Metallica's new concert flick Through the Never; unbelievably it kinda lives up to some of the hype the band has been building around it. We also try to figure out which band could be the next band to do something on this scale... never say never.

Fear Factory - "Powershifter"
Toxic Holocaust - "Out of the Fire"

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