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Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour is our guest this week; Axl and Vince try to figure out who got in trouble with the law on the Mayhem tour, how the transition to a new label came to pass and whether or not using electronic gear to change their tuning is cheating or totally legit. Vince also stuck around to give us his two cents about the band no one can seem to ignore, Babymetal, citing his recent trip to Japan to try to put them in perspective that many may not entirely grasp.

Chuck and Godless also rehash the topic of merch and how your band needs to do it better, with prime examples from a recent tour stop with Scale the Summit.

Darkest Hour - "Infinite Eyes"
The Haunted - "Time (Will Not Heal)"

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Jason McMaster -- formerly of Watchtower and Dangerous Toys, and current lead screamer for Evil United -- is our guest this week. We talk about about Watchtower's status as possibly the first-ever prog metal band, his experience with major labels as a hit-maker in the '80s with Dangerous Toys, and working with Gene Hoglan on the new Evil United album.

Fresh from his trip to Heavy Montreal, Chuck and Godless invited MS Senior Editor Anso DF to fill us in on his experience. We talk about what Babymetal are doing step up the metal game, what one of the biggest metal festivals in North America looks like and whether Canadian metal fans have a different way of treating the festival environment.


Evil United - "Ghostcrushed"
Origin - "Retribution of Filth"

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Brad Roberts and Mike Derks of the mighty Gwar guest this week to talk about the upcoming Dave Brockie Memorial, the Gwar-B-Q and plans for the Gwar Bar in Richmnd, VA. We talk about carrying on in the absence of their fearless leader, what it took to make the decisions about going forward and whether it's "too soon" for Godless to joke about the death of a legend.

Chuck and Godless also discuss the "controversy" of racist and homophobic lyrics by Demoniac, an early incarnation of Dragonforce. Should bands have to own the things they've said in the past? Should bands be apologetic about insensitivity that may not be part of their present day ethos?


Gwar - "Sexicutioner"
Slipknot - "The Negative One"

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Phil "Landphil" Hall (Cannabis Corpse, Iron Reagan, Municipal Waste) is our guest this week. The new Cannabis Corpse album is out now and features some great guest appearances from Chris Barnes and Trevor Strnad. We talk about the record, how he is able to keep three touring bands organized, and Godless tries to figure out how pot works all at the same time.

Chuck and Godless also talk about the Wintersun vs. Nuclear Blast controversy and how we've all become trained to have thicker skins thanks to anonymous trash-talking on the Internet. Ex-God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle debuts in a new segment we call "Rejecting the Sickness" in which he defends some of the bands we take issue with; in this episode he tackles Godless' disdain for the band Ghost. 

Cannabis Corpse - "Individual Pot Patterns"
Fallujah - "Carved In Stone"

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