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This week Vince and Axl get to the bottom of the God Forbid breakup by chatting with the man at the center, Doc Coyle, and they discuss what God Forbid's legacy ultimately may look like. Chuck and Godless invite comedian Mike Bobbitt in to help try and figure out why anyone in their right mind might think Avenged Sevenfold did anything other than copy and paste their new record. Gravy checks in with a Black Sabbath concert review, and we pay our respects to Eyehategod Drummer Joey LaCaze, who passed away Friday night.


Avenged Sevenfold - This Means War (or Sad But War - Mashups are fun)
Eyehategod - Metaphetamine

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This week's guest is Dez Fafara of DevilDriver; we talk about the upcoming album Winter Kills, the departure from the band's longtime label home at Roadrunner, his return to off-tour regular life, how to maintain an ego-less lifestyle, passing on music to his kids, and whether or not there is a future for Coal Chamber.

We also explore the breakup of God Forbid, whether God demanded The Chariot to stop, another blog reading from The Varg, and the recent Facebook spat between The Ocean Collective and Ash Avildsen over restrictive policies at shows.

God Forbid - The End of the World
Devildriver - Sail

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Greg tells us about how he first got into metal, his early love for Guns N' Roses, Metallica and Bad Brains, what the term "DIY" means today, the band's recent decision to finally hire a manager, staying in creative control, the band's best performances and almost burning down the Mohawk last time they were in Austin.

Also: Chuck and Godless discuss the winner of the Shat Bracket, Varg Vikernes' latest rant and Phil LaBonte's recent non-nonsensical Tweetings. 

Pantera - Primal Concrete Sledge
Dillinger Escape Plan - Hero of the Soviet Union
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This week Chuck sits down with Corey Brandan of Norma Jean sits down and talks Christian Metal, kids, and the Beastie Boys during the Summer Slaughter tour. Chuck shares his miserable, sweltering experience from the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and wonders whether that festival's low ticket sales (as well as the poor sales of Gigantour) signal the end of the era of the American touring metal festival. David Drainman screamed at the rain much like our old buddy Dave Mustaine and backpedals from calling out Lemmy but doesn't shy away from criticizing Roger Waters and Dallas Coyle. The Lemmy deathwatch goes on high alert with Motorhead cutting the Wacken Open Air performance short due to his health problems, plus we make jokes about Slayer, which is always fun.

Motorhead - I Know How To Die
Norma Jean - If You Have It at Five, You Have It at Fifty

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