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We discuss how he came to return to the band, the creativity of Trey’s riffs, the importance of his era with the band in the grand scheme of their legacy, the message of the lyrics on Kingdoms Disdained, why the band separated during the Heretic era, the importance of Erik Rutan as producer, and his memories of the late, great Dimebag Darrell when he toured with Pantera.

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This week is our special best of 2017 episode! We break down our top fifteen metal albums of the year and why we feel these albums were the best released in 2017, counting them down all the way to our number one. We also grab interviews with three of the musicians who made our favorite records -- David Sanchez (Havok), John Kevill (Warbringer) and Jordan Gaw (Final Drive) -- find out THEIR favorite albums of the year, congratulate them on the great music they made and much more!

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We talk about the inspiration that led to the band's formation, the costumes and themes of each band member, their upcoming New Year's Eve gig opening for Primus, and yes, of course, we had to ask Danny about a new Tool album (and he gave us a juicy quote!).

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We discuss why bassist Evan Brewer is not on their current tour with Whitechapel, playing as a three piece, the change in direction and sound on new album Dark Future, the appeal of living in a small town as opposed to city life, the draw of major sports in major cities, and we chat about some of his work in prior bands.

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We discuss how their new record No Cross, No Crown is their first as a four piece in 12 years, the difference between the writing process with Pepper Keenan as opposed to as a three piece, the loyal fa base that allows them to write the material they want and consistently land spots on amazing package tours, the importance of producer John Custer, the re-release of Eye for an Eye to honor the late vocalist Eric Eycke, their upcoming 60-day tour with Black Label Society and much more.

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We speak about the latest entry in the Dimevision series, her feelings on a potential Dimebag hologram tour, how much she is involved in the Ride for Dime and Dimebash organizations after the negative press from the last few outings, her favorite scene in Dimevision Vol. 2, her desire for the surviving members of Pantera to be on good terms and the legacy of a true metal icon.

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We talk about Trump's America, Charlottesville, race relations in America, NFL players taking a knee, Flynn's stand against Phil Anselmo's racist outburst, how Dimebag Darrell's death affected him, the rape allegations against Decapitated, Machine Head's new album "Catharsis," its more melodic direction and how fans may react to it, how it's similar to The Burning Red, his decision to rap on the album, how current political and social events inspired the lyrics... and that's just the beginning.

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We discuss the current Soulfly tour on which the band is performing Nailbomb’s Point Blank in its entirety, the influence younger bands had on Cavalera Conspiracy's new album Psychosis, his favorite underground metal bands, Max's top four records he's ever made, his hopes for the future of Killer Be Killed, the 20th anniversary of Soulfly (and a new record coming out in 2018), and his favorite records that were created by one of his kin.

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We talk about the origins of Big Dumb Face, how he keeps his different projects from crossing lines, his stint with Marilyn Manson, being isolated in Detroit, the lessons he learned from the Black Light Burns records, the importance of writing full albums, the extinction of music as an art form and the future of all of his projects.

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We talk about riding out Hurricane Irma in an elementary school shelter, his take on NFL players taking a knee during the anthem and the impact the discovery of CTE will have on the game, how the band's new record Red Before Black compares to the last four Corpse records, the magic that producer Erik Rutan brings to the studio, who he thinks invented death metal vocals and much more.

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We discuss the band's new album The Blood of Gods, the benefit they saw from doing the Warped Tour this year, the current climate and culture and how Gwar fits in, the public’s response to the negative Linkin Park comment following Chester Bennington’s suicide, Kathy Griffin's publicist calling them out, their upcoming tour and much more!

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We discuss the band's final shows ever this coming December, his memory of being on Soundgarden's last tour, his label Party Smasher Inc, meeting fans' expectations for Dillinger's unhinged live shows, the meet and greet debate for a band that stays private, how to make our kids like good music and some dad talk, including how he felt when his first daughter was born.

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We discuss the creation of Trivium's new record The Sin and The Sentence, Matt ranks his favorite Trivium records in order, shares his experience riding out Hurricane Irma, talks about writing the foreword for the new book Hellraisers, names his picks for the Big Four of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal and looks ahead to the band's upcoming tour with Arch Enemy.

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We discuss the band's new EP The Solace System, how they amassed so much material in such a short amount of time, the jobs she had prior to joining Epica, the choice of not bringing her children on the road, the seven-year anniversary of her blog and her passion for photography.

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We talk about the band's new record "Medusa," the challenge of assembling a live set list after 15 records, the addition of a 23-year-old drummer to such an established act and more. Axl Rosenberg and Emperor Rhombus talk about their new book "Hellraisers."

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We chat about how he's maintained a 25 year friendship with his bandmate Frost, an update on his brain tumor and how it's affected his life and music, the band's new album Deep Calleth Upon Deep, the expectations of following a #1 record in Norway, which black metal performers may own mansions and more.

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We discuss the band's new record Clairvoyant and the pressure of following up their critically acclaimed previous album Language, the role producer Jamie King plays in helping to craft the band's music, negativity from the band's fans on Facebook, his passions for video work and MMA, and much more.

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Legendary drummer Dave Lombardo returns to the MetalSucks Podcast this week to discuss Dead Cross, his new collaboration with Mike Patton. Lombardo waxes ecstatic about Bill Ward’s inclusion of Dead Cross's debut as one of the best albums of all time, talks about performing and recording with Fantomas, which recordings throughout his career he is the most and least happy with, his opinion of the reunited Misfits, how the timing for Suicidal Tendencies worked out and more.

Petar and Brandon tackle Devin Townsend’s proposed 10 million dollar symphony about dicks and vaginas, tackle their feelings about the reactivated Carnivore A.D., and much more!

Dead Cross - "Shillelagh"
Dead Cross - "Seizure and Desist"
Spotlights - "Learn to Breathe"

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We catch up with Slipknot founder Clown to discuss the theatrical release of Day of the Gusano, an upcoming documentary about Slipknot fans in Mexico. We also talk about the importance of the visual artistry behind Slipknot, the difficulty of editing a live show with nine guys in the band, the roar a foreign crowd brings and how American audiences compare, the way he would like to present a double concept album with Slipknot, his experiences as a director with Officer Down, and a little trip down memory lane with One Minute Silence.

Brandon and Pete dissects the last four months of metal and give you their five choices for albums you need to hear before the summer is over. With only four months to go and the top 15 albums of 2017 on the horizon, the boys help you out with some gold you may have overlooked.

Loviatar - "Discordant (Stygian Wyrm Part 2)"
Goatwhore - "Mankind Will Have No Mercy"
Beastmaker - "Of God’s Creation"
Dead Cross - "Obedience School"
Decapitated - "Kill The Cult"
Byzantine - "Vile Maxim"

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This week we talk with Metalocalypse/Dethklok/Galaktikon creator Brendon Small. He tells us about the process of creating entire conceptual worlds to go along with albums, trademarking your own character's voices, his youth and how it influenced his art, the accidental origin of Galaktikon and the importance of South Park.

Meanwhile Petar and Brandon get into a discussion about race in the metal scene, discuss the confluence of a Juggalo march and pro-Trump rally in SeptemberMike Patton going bowling during a Dead Cross performance and much more.

Galaktikon - “My Name is Murder”
Loviator - “Nascent (Stygian Wyrm Part 1)

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Myrkur mastermind Amalie Bruun is our guest this week. We discuss her new album Mareridt, her collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe, how she feels more connected with nature than most humans, balancing style and substance as an artist, some of her favorite books and her passion for knitting.

Brandon and Petar tackle the issue of groping when people stage dive and crowd surf, try to make sense of the guy who peed on a child at a Metallica concert, discuss the disappointment of Jeff Loomis not writing on the new Arch Enemy album and the wizardry of Yngwie Malmsteen.

Myrkur - “Ulvinde”
Myrkur - “Maneblot”

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This week we hit a milestone with Episode #200! We catch up with the first guest that ever graced the podcast, Valient Himself of Valient Thorr, to talk to us about being on Warped Tour, the band's efforts to create new fans on a festival geared towards youth, his unhappiness with the way the band's latest album Old Salt was handled by Napalm Records and more.

We also connect with the forefathers of The MetalSucks Podcast, Chuck and Godless to discuss the genesis of the podcast, their favorite and least favorite interviews, and the “white whale” guest we'd love to have.

Finally we talk to Vince Neilstein over at the MetalSucks Mansion about the past four years of podcasting, ten years of MetalSucks, his most memorable podcast moment, and if we ever made a bit that embarrassed him.

Don’t miss the celebration and the THANKS to all that helped us reach this milestone!

Valient Thorr - “No Count Blues”
Valient Thorr - “Mirakuru”

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The mercurial, supremely talented Julie Christmas calls in this week. We discuss the upcoming North American tour for Mariner (her collaboration with Cult of Luna), her career as an educator, her past musical endeavors with Made Out of Babies and Spylacopa, her love of novelist Cormac McCarthy, the possibility of future work with Cult Of Luna, and which record in her catalogue would make a great starting point for new fans.

Brandon and Pete talk about the Dio hologram tour and discuss whether the name change from Devil You Know to Light this Torch will hurt their brand. 

Cult of Luna/Julie Christmas - “Cygnus”
Julie Christmas - “July 31st

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Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree -- whose fifth solo album To the Bone comes out on August 18th -- is our guest this week. We discuss how social media is anti-social, the abuse and criticism people give artists' work without even listening to it, the loss of ambitious music and the fear of change in the mainstream, how the underground maintains the arts and much more.

Brandon and Pete discuss the tragedy of Chester Bennington, the disrespectful comments that followed, how being a fan shouldn't give you license to be disrespectful, and the unanswerable questions we're left with following a successful artist's suicide.

Steven Wilson - "Pariah"
Steven Wilson - "The Same Asylum As Before"

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Legendary Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne is our guest this week. We discuss the last time he had a regular job, his philosophy on how to be truly successful in life, his take on getting a college education in America, how important it is to find the right person to share your life with, plenty about his various musical projects and much more.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Petar find a truly great politician to oppose Kid Rock’s Senate run, discuss why the recently-announced grunge musical hurts our feelings, and ask a timeless question: are there any good Juggalo stories out there that don't involve someone brandishing an axe, like this week’s debacle?


Melvins - “Christ Hammer”
Crystal Fairy - “Chiseler”
Dale Crover - “Little Brother”

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Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore is our guest the week. We discuss the band's latest album, Vengeful Ascension, his hobbies of cave exploration and deep sea diving, the current state of the world, calling black metal “catchy" and a few words about Soilent Green.

Brandon and Petar discover a new version of the bible by Blameless Dave Mustaine, and Pete shares a tale of when he first saw Goatwhore and the hijinks that followed. 

Goatwhore - “Mankind Will Have No Mercy”
Goatwhore - “Chaos Arcane”

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Byzantine vocalist/guitarist Chris “OJ” Ojeda is our guest this week. We discuss the band's recent move to Metal Blade Records, their upcoming album The Cicada Tree, OJ's personal experience with the opioid epidemic in the band's native West Virginia, how he balances touring and family life... and, of course, no interview with Byzantine would be complete without a discussion of the catchphrase “Nobody Beats The Byz."

Brandon and Pete shine light on a “Real Hero of Metal” and talk about the latest Rammstein show, the amazing poop-throwing story Every Time I Die's Andy Williams sharedthe Jenner sisters' mind-boggling shirt design and much more.

Byzantine - “New Ways to Bear Witness”
Byzantine - “Trapjaw”

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Jason Keyser of technical death metal masters Origin guests this week. We talk about the band's new album Unparalleled Universe, their 20th anniversary, his lyric-writing process, his thoughts on bands that wear their own merch, and the decision to cover a Brujeria song despite not being fluent in Spanish.

Brandon and Pete discuss the recent spate of "Best Of" metal lists provided by Rolling Stone, Lars Ulrich and Rob Halford and the difficulty that goes into creating such lists. Pete shines a light on Brandon’s “problem," we talk about the beef between Corey Taylor and Chad Kroeger, and much more.

Origin - “Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns”
Origin - “Accident and Error”

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Boy oh boy, we do have a special episode for you this week! It's a short one -- we'll return to our regularly scheduled full episode this Thursday -- but it's such a rare treat that we had to release it right away. 

In our chat with Tool bassist Justin Chancellor we discuss the band's recently wrapped up tour, jumping back into the studio following the run, the record being 90% complete (!), how the band members are getting along with one another, seeing Youtube videos of Tool cover bands, and much more.

Meanwhile Brandon and Pete introduce the world to a new seminar, discuss Gene Simmons giving up on the devil horns trademark, and Maynard James Keenan getting “Stockton slapped” by Nate Diaz.

Tool - “Right in Two”
The Melvins - “What’s Wrong With You”

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This week we interview Trey Williams from Dying Fetus. We discuss how the title of the new record, Wrong One to Fuck With, came about and the writing process for the album, their extremely intense and NSFW new music video, the way they approach set lists on tour and all of our day jobs.

Brandon and Pete tackle the saga of Five Finger Death Punch's disastrous show in the Netherlands: the show itself, the confusing statements that followed and the band's decision to ultimately do the right thing by scheduling a free show. We also ask the obvious question of when it's time to fire a member of a band and the difficulties that come along with that.

Dying Fetus - “Die With Integrity”
Dying Fetus - “Fixation on Devastation"

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Brann Dailor talks to us about his new project Arcadea. He tells us about the origins of the band, finding time to create music outside of Mastodon, the angle he would pursue if he did a solo project with other members of Mastodon, his ongoing desire to create art and much more.

Pete and Brandon introduce the world to a new feminine product for men, discuss Suicidal Tendencies' L.A. show being shut down by police, the young metal fan who received a guitar from his recently deceased farther for his 16th birthday, and how great being a part of the metal community really is.

Arcadea - “Magnificent Façade”
Arcadea - “Army of Electrons

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This week death metal icon Terrence Hobbs of Suffocation is our guest. We discuss their new record ….Of The Dark Light, the latest line-up changes, the old days of fliers and long distance phone calls vs. today's mass emails and social media, what it's like to play a classic record in its entirety and the band's approach of "no small talk" death metal.

Brandon and Pete introduce the world to a new wonder drug, discuss how Kathy Griffin stole a heavy metal idea, Oceano's surprising first-week sales numbers, Linkin Park topping the charts after becoming a pop act, Tom Araya getting a statue at a Ukrainian Zoo and much more.

Suffocation - “Return to the Abyss”
Suffocation - “Your Last Breaths”

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Bill Kelliher of Mastodon calls in this week. We discuss the band's new album Emperor of Sand, being old and the hassle of playing music from a cloud, what his solo record would sound like, his bandmates' various side projects, how Mastodon decide on their setlist and much more.

Meanwhile Brandon takes the opportunity to ambush Pete’s interview skills, finding an awful bit Pete threw away and bringing it back from the dead. Then they check out the latest Linkin Park song and discuss Chester Bennington’s comments about wanting to punch people in the face. 

Mastodon - “Andromeda”
Mastodon - “Show Yourself”

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Local H recently won Metallica's "Hit the Stage" contest to become local openers on their tour, so we talk to frontman/guitarist Scott Lucas about their victory, the criticism they've received about not being a true local band, their recently completed "Two Balls and a Dick" tour and the ups and downs of being a music lifer.

Brandon and Petar tackle the weight of the Chris Cornell tragedy, discussing the complete surprise of his suicide and personal memories of his career. It’s a very emotional and personal episode as we honor a true irreplaceable icon.

Temple of the Dog - “Say Hello 2 Heaven”
Local H - “The One With Kid”
Local H - “City of Knives”

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In our interview with James Hart from Eighteen Visions, we discuss how the reunion of the band came to be, the writing of their new record XVIII, the Orange County music scene from which they came, the loss of bassist Mick Morris and the band's future plans.

In light of the allegations that Pentagram's Bobby Liebling physically harmed his mother, Brandon and Petar discuss when it's time to finally give up on a band due to its members' actions. They also share their opinions on the drama with The Faceless, Tool and A Perfect Circle giving up on 2017 for album releases, and contemplate if Pete is a “metal hipster."

18 Visions - “Crucified” 
18 Visions - “Oath”

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This week we interview Aaron Turner of Isis, Sumac, Mamiffer and Old Man Gloom. We discuss the end of Isis, his memories from the new live record, Live VII (out now on Ipecac), his journey with Hydra Head Records and his decision to release new music on the label after shutting it down in 2012, the recording process for the new Sumac record, and the art vs. business side of technology in music.

Brandon and Petar introduce the world to a new company called Jump into the Fired, tackle the comments made by Chino Moreno about not touring with Korn again, talk about the guy who was so angry at Suicide Silence he burned their album, and discuss pros and cons of retiring Nazi lyrics in the metal scene. 

Isis “Ghost Key” (Live)
With Our Arms To The Sun “Memory: The Drift”

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This week we talk to Mike IX Williams from Eyehategod. He discusses his recent liver transplant, the person that kept him together through the whole ordeal, the New Orleans heavy metal scene, surviving Katrina, the status of new music from Eyehategod, and all the times in his life he's cheated death.

Brandon and Petar introduce the world to a new dispensary, discuss Local H winning Metallica's local band contest, Guns N' Roses' massive earnings on their current world tour, The Agonist versus former vocalist Alissa White-Gluz, Ozzy's reunion with Zakk Wylde and much more.

Eyehategod - “Flags and CitiesBound”
Iced Earth - “Raven Wing”

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This week we talk to Mix Master Mike of The Beastie Boys. We discuss his upcoming tour with Metallica, his stint touring with the Axl Rose-led version of Guns N' Roses (before Slash and Duff rejoined) and the terrible reception he received, his love of metal throughout his career, the difference between scratching records and modern day DJs, the story behind how he got involved with the Beastie Boys, and some tales of their legendary live shows.

Brandon and Petar have short attention spans, so we tackle the first four months of metal in 2017 and name five albums you need to listen to before the summer starts. We delve into why each records mean so much to us, the reason they are all potentially albums of the year, and why you should check these out before the summer storm of album releases.

Havok - “Intention to Deceive”
The Obsessed - “Punk Crusher”
Pallbearer - “I Saw The End”
Final Drive - “Six Feet Down”
Darkest Hour - “In the Name of Us All”

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This week we talk to Dan Briggs from Between the Buried and Me and Nova Collective. We discuss the importance of side projects, how the Nova Collective came about and the band's latest album “The Further Side." We also talk about the tenth anniversary of BTBAM's classic record Colors, the new live Blu-Ray for Coma Ecliptic, modern bass players he respects and the new BTBAM record coming out this year!

Brandon and Petar promote the new tour of the greatest band of the '90s. We talk about David Wu’s experiment of playing metal on the streets, Mastodon’s strong first week record sales, Korn touring with a 12-year old, and Sleep’s Morse code message. Brandon loses his mind when he finds out about Babymetal pedophile day at the Five Fox festival.

Nova Collective - “Dancing Machines”
Between the Buried and Me - “The Ectopic Stroll” (Live)


This week we speak to Josh Weaver from Royal Thunder. We discuss the band's new album Wick, the black metal band he was in with singer Mlny Parsonz prior to Royal Thunder, his passion for hot tubs on the road, the importance of listening to albums as opposed to individual songs, and how they maintain a metal fan base with their mostly un-metal sound.

Brandon and Petar advertise a new book, discuss the damage the Ghost lawsuit situation could do to the band, the not-so-surprising record sales from Northlane’s surprise album release, Max Cavalera performing the Nailbomb album in its entirety and Brandon’s jokes going from G-rated to XXX. 

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This week we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the legendary Metal Blade Records by talking to three generations of musicians on the label.

Our show starts with Joey Vera of Armored Saint and Fates Warning. He talks about the Los Angeles scene from which the label was born, the evolution of the formats on which music is consumed, and the label's importance to Armored Saint.

Next we talk to Greg Burgess of Allegaeon; we discuss his favorite Metal Blade release of all time, the 35th anniversary tour he's been on with Whitechapel, Cattle Decapitation and Goatwhore, Bush vs. Belladonna Anthrax and the future of Allegaeon.

Finally we chat with Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder about how his band got signed, when to expect new music from Black Dahlia, horror movies, and more. 

Armored Saint - “Last Train Home” (live)
Allegaeon - “1.618”
The Black Dahlia Murder - “Receipt”

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This week we talk with John Kevill of Warbringer. He discusses the long delay between records, the starting-over process that occurred between album cycles and the direction of the latest record Woe to the Vanquished. We also get into his knowledge of history and his take on the current era -- the best time to be alive, according to him -- and he throws down an epic Arnold monologue per our request.

Brandon and Petar introduce you to Brent Hinds' new fast food restaurant, tackle the Harlott vs. Slayer similarities and break down the argument of plagiarism vs. homage, and discuss why Tool joining streaming services so late may work in their favor. 

Warbringer - “Silhouettes”
Warbringer - “Remain Violent”

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This week we have legendary Bolt Thrower vocalist Karl Willetts on the show to discuss his new project Memoriam. We talk about his approach to lyrics on Memoriam's new album For the Fallen, which Bolt Thrower songs they plan on playing live, what he envisioned when he decided to create a new band, the decision to end Bolt Thrower after Kiddie’s passing, and what newer bands he's digging.

Brandon and Petar find a company that helps out the unappreciated bass player, discuss James Hetfield’s recent comments about “Escape," talk about Marduk and their statement on the Oakland concert cancellation, Judas Priest not being metal according to Brent Hinds, Steve Tucker's promises that new Morbid Angel will be death metal, and the new Baroness/Neurosis punk cover tribute band.

Memoriam - "Reduced to Zero"
Memoriam - "Surrounded (By Death)"

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This week we interview Mike Schleibaum from the mighty Darkest Hour. We talk about the new record Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora, what producer Kurt Ballou brought to the table, the crowdfunding campaign behind the record (and how scary it was to make the decision to try it), the tenth anniversary of Deliver Us and how to mobilize the youth with music in this day and age.

Brandon and Petar talk way too much about Overdose of AIDS, Wes Scantlin’s latest rant, if Juggalos can became a prison gang, the next move for Suicide Silence after the crash in album sales, At The Gates losing Anders Björler, and we take our guesses about what's coming up in the current 25 Most Important Metal Bands of the '90s countdown on MetalSucks.

Darkest Hour - “Timeless Numbers”
Darkest Hour  - “Those Who Survived”

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We talk to producer and Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Will Putney about his band's new record The Great Collapse, his non-traditional role in the band, the writing process for the record and how being a third guitarist makes it less stressful to tour. We discuss which type of bands he prefers producing, his views on remixing and remastering older material, and his biggest success as a producer/musician.

Brandon and Petar tackle Otep's feud with the Butcher Babies, how metal cover albums usually don't end up being good (although DevilDriver’s "outlaw country" covers concept intrigues us), and the rumors of Ghost's frontman pulling an Axl Rose by firing all his bandmates and the possible effects it may have on the band's fans.

Fit For An Autopsy - “Heads Will Hang”
Fit For An Autopsy - “Iron Moon”

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This week we talk to Phil “Landphil” Hall from Iron Reagan. In addition to updates on all things Iron Reagen, Cannabis Corpse and Municipal Waste (including Iron Reagan's brand new album Crossover Ministry), he discusses what it’s like to see his likeness in a claymation video, his true “Fuck The Neighbor” tales, his favorite Troma movie and touring with Six Feet Under.

Meanwhile Brandon and Pete talk about James Hetfield's recent statement regarding the lack of bass on …And Justice For All, the beef between Of Mice and Men's Austin Carlisle and Trivium's Paolo Gregetto about vaccinations, Corey Taylor thinking he is qualified to write a book about politics, and the heinous black metal fan that upset Whitney Moore last week (with his version of the incident). 


Iron Reagan - “Fuck The Neighbors
Cannabis Corpse - “Mummified in Bongwater”
Municipal Waste - “The Art of Partying”

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This week we interview Mina Caputo from Life of Agony. She discusses the last 12 years of LOA, what it's like to be transgender in the hard rock/heavy metal scene and how she believes the band's upcoming release A Place Where There’s No More Pain is the most passionate and honest album she has ever made.

We also discuss the Tim Lambesis situation, introduce a new product he is selling and contemplate whether or not we would support an As I lay Dying reunion. We talk about Attila and the protection of their fans from security guards, the Nickelback vs. Arnold Twitter feud and the ultimate fear of giving your kid a great heavy metal name like Iron Maiden only to have him rebel against the scene.

Life of Agony - “A Place Where’s There’s No More Pain”
Body Count - “No Lives Matter”

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This week the boys discuss the need for a Heavy Metal President, and what choices we are stuck with on both sides. We play the mudslinging ads from both parties and we discuss the major platforms for each candidate, their surprise choices for running mates, and we ask fans to vote on who they would want to represent all the tough decisions to be made in metal in 2017.

We also chat with Pallbearer guitarist/vocalist Brett Campbell and bassist Joseph Rowland about the band's upcoming new record Heartless. We discuss how Brandon got us in trouble with our bosses via email, they tell us the downside of constantly receiving great reviews, they share a story about the time Phil Anselmo threatened to poke their eyes out, and they choose their picks for Heavy Metal President in 2017.

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The MetalSucks Podcast returns after a two-month hiatus! 

Your new hosts Brandon Hahn and Petar Spajic speak with Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida, who has a lot to say about all the negative trolls their new material has brought out, working with Ross Robinson, the live headline tour they're about to embark upon and the record release parties each night after their headline set is complete. 

We also tackle the hardcore scene in light of the tragedy that occurred at a recent Code Orange show in Salt Lake City, when a young woman's jaw was broken in the mosh pit from a spin-kick to the face. We discuss our past hardcore show experiences, and how the scene has been an important gateway despite its constant negative press. We also offer some potential solutions, and new dance moves that may help the scene move in a more positive direction.

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