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Evan Brewer guests this week on the podcast, fresh on the heels of releasing the debut full length album with his new band Entheos. In our interview we spend more time talking about bass than ever before, but we also learn about his decision to leave The Faceless, what that meant for his career, why going solo for a few albums was a good idea and whether or not he likes watching movies with all the other nerdy prog metal guys that are getting popular these days.

Later in the episode we talk about Monuments' financial woes, which led them to drop off a tour, and how dumb mistakes can ruin your band's future, or at least create hurdles that may or may not be overcome. We examine the dynamics of finances and planning on a band's well-being and what should be expected at certain levels of the game... and let’s just say Monuments should be way ahead of where they are now.


Entheos – "Terminal Stages of Nostalgia"
ETHS - "Nihil Sine Causa"

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This week the always intense and enigmatic Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen guests on the podcast. His new project, Surgical Meth Machine, just released their debut self-titled album, and we find out where this next level of music came from and how it turned into something bigger than expected, how the grind of the industry drives him crazy and how he inadvertently became what he most despised by creating his own label to combat the things he hated.

We also discuss the boundaries an audience needs to obey when going to shows. A young woman gets literally kicked off the stage at a pop-punk show; is that reaction justified? Does this coincide with the David Draiman discussion from last week? Where should we draw the line between audience and performer? The rules of the game are changing every day, but no one seems to know what best practices are for audience behavior... except us... we obviously know the right answer.

Surgical Meth Machine - "I Want More"
Death Angel - "Cause For Alarm"

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Filter's Richard Patrick takes over the podcast this week -- and when we say "takes over the podcast," we mean it! Filter's new record, Crazy Eyes, is out... but we talk about the new music for maybe two seconds before the conversation shifts to the nature of art, Patrick's belief that music and art should be subversive, how the radio hit "Take a Picture" exemplifies this belief, and the U.S. Presidential election (spoiler: Richard does not like Mr. Trump very much).

We also discuss Metal GF's recent MetalSucks editorial,  "Is Metal Still Counterculture? Is Anything?", and how it seems that metal has been not just accepted by, but adopted into, the mainstream (see: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Paris Jackson, etc.) 

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Dez Fafara puts in his second appearance on the podcast. DevilDriver's new record Trust No One will be the first in a decade with new personnel playing and writing music for the band. We talk in depth about Dez's work ethic, his view of the lineup changes, what that means for this album and the band going forward and how his attitude changes without negative influences working against him.  

We also get to hear David Draiman go after a fan in the audience who he claimed was texting the entire show. Although the woman says she was texting her scared daughter, and Draiman apologized, was he in the right for calling out someone for not paying attention to the show? Or is he in the dark about how audiences operate in the new world order? The time may be here to put away the phones, stop texting at shows and experience the reality of... reality.

DevilDriver - "Daybreak"
Architects UK - "A Match Made In Heaven"

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