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This week we jump on the bandwagon and present to you our picks for the top metal albums of 2016. Instead of trying to write witty asides for every album -- we’ll leave that to the experts -- we chose to give you an audio rundown of the list and share our thoughts on each one. Some of Chuck and Godless's picks match -- not many, but some -- and we cover a lot of ground between the two of us. We did agree on the number one album of the year, and we brought that artist on as a special guest to be presented with the MetalSucks Podcast Trophy (which may or may not exist [it doesn’t exist]) and talked about the release that stood head and shoulders above anything else that came out this year.

Also in this episode, a must listen segment: a big announcement about the podcast in 2017!

We play a few extra songs this week, and we even pulled out our favorite song from the year (which was not from our number one pick).

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