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James LaBrie of the legendary Dream Theater guests this week. We talk about their new album The Astonishing, the process surrounding making their most ambitious concept record to date, putting together an extensive live production for it, his relationship with fans, how he is able to adjust to touring vs. home life and whether the changing tide in the music industry effects the way he leads his life.

We also talk about VH1 Classic canceling That Metal Show and whether or not it signifies a turn away from metal music in the mainstream. If a major media company does not see the value in keeping metal and hard rock as part of their arsenal what could that mean for the genre as a whole? We also look at declining live ticket sales across the board as another possible indicator of where the last bastion of income for our artists may be headed; are we looking at the beginning of the end, or just a major shift in methodology?

Dream Theater - "The Gift of Music"
Holy Grail - "Crystal King"

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Tim Millar, guitarist for Protest the Hero, guests this week. Protest the Hero have reinvented the way to make music so many different times we had to talk to Tim about the crowdfunding for Volition, their new subscriber campaign through Bandcamp, whether they realize that they are turning the industry on its head, what the consequences may be for touring and releasing records, and how this new strategy might effect the rest of the bands in the industry who may want to try new things with their music.

We also talk about bands who fall victim to and are stuck in the old model, with all the legal flap around Metallica suing a Canadian cover band and Warner Brothers Records working hard to keep Avenged Sevenfold on their roster. The struggles in the industry are real even for the top metal bands in the world. We talk about the tragic events of the first part of the year -- Lemmy, Bowie, Rickman, Tera Wray -- all turn to dust, and how that kinda sucks.

Protest the Hero - "Cataract" (Sample)
Protest the Hero - "Yellow Teeth"
Fleshgod Apocalypse - "The Fool"

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Back by popular demand, "One Minute to Midnight," in which veteran musician and producer Eyal Levi lends his ear and expertise to two unsigned bands who submitted music for us to pick apart. We give Hasta La Muerte and With Silent Eyes some creative direction and tips and tricks that could make their music better. 

Last week Derek Brewer of Outerloop Management wrote an Op-Ed piece for MetalSucks on Thy Art is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon's claim that he wasn't making enough money to live on. We invited Derek on the show to talk a little more in depth about the budgeting numbers he listed, why they' don't apply to everyone and what you can really expect as a growing band out there on the road.

In light of Myrkur mastermind Amalie Bruun's decision to cut her social media presence due to death threats from, as she puts it, "mainly American men," we discuss why these men might have problems with women, or at least women who somehow threaten their sexuality and dominance over the music industry. Are our collective penises so small we need to assault all that we don't like with violence? Why are some of us so obsessed and feel the need to take it to that level?

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - "Deathbed"
The Anchor - "The Ghost Inside Makes Sheppard's Pie"

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We're back from the holiday break with a guest we have wanted to talk to for quite a while: Randy Blythe of the mighty Lamb of God guests this week on the podcast ahead of their U.S. tour. We only had a short time with him, but we chat about his immense workload, struggles with addiction, his retirement plan, plans for 2016 (including a couple of books) and what he will look like on stage in 20 years.

We also talk about the passing of Lemmy Kilmister, reflecting on his contributions and how there may never be another icon with his gravity in our scene ever again. We talk about whether Motorhead should continue, much like other bands of late who have lost members (we're looking at you, Emmure). How many band members does it take to break a band's brand? Just one? All?

Lamb of God - "Embers"
Motorhead - "Killed By Death"
Motorhead - "When the Sky Comes Looking For You"

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