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Jason Keyser of technical death metal masters Origin guests this week. We talk about the band's new album Unparalleled Universe, their 20th anniversary, his lyric-writing process, his thoughts on bands that wear their own merch, and the decision to cover a Brujeria song despite not being fluent in Spanish.

Brandon and Pete discuss the recent spate of "Best Of" metal lists provided by Rolling Stone, Lars Ulrich and Rob Halford and the difficulty that goes into creating such lists. Pete shines a light on Brandon’s “problem," we talk about the beef between Corey Taylor and Chad Kroeger, and much more.

Origin - “Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns”
Origin - “Accident and Error”

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Boy oh boy, we do have a special episode for you this week! It's a short one -- we'll return to our regularly scheduled full episode this Thursday -- but it's such a rare treat that we had to release it right away. 

In our chat with Tool bassist Justin Chancellor we discuss the band's recently wrapped up tour, jumping back into the studio following the run, the record being 90% complete (!), how the band members are getting along with one another, seeing Youtube videos of Tool cover bands, and much more.

Meanwhile Brandon and Pete introduce the world to a new seminar, discuss Gene Simmons giving up on the devil horns trademark, and Maynard James Keenan getting “Stockton slapped” by Nate Diaz.

Tool - “Right in Two”
The Melvins - “What’s Wrong With You”

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This week we interview Trey Williams from Dying Fetus. We discuss how the title of the new record, Wrong One to Fuck With, came about and the writing process for the album, their extremely intense and NSFW new music video, the way they approach set lists on tour and all of our day jobs.

Brandon and Pete tackle the saga of Five Finger Death Punch's disastrous show in the Netherlands: the show itself, the confusing statements that followed and the band's decision to ultimately do the right thing by scheduling a free show. We also ask the obvious question of when it's time to fire a member of a band and the difficulties that come along with that.

Dying Fetus - “Die With Integrity”
Dying Fetus - “Fixation on Devastation"

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Brann Dailor talks to us about his new project Arcadea. He tells us about the origins of the band, finding time to create music outside of Mastodon, the angle he would pursue if he did a solo project with other members of Mastodon, his ongoing desire to create art and much more.

Pete and Brandon introduce the world to a new feminine product for men, discuss Suicidal Tendencies' L.A. show being shut down by police, the young metal fan who received a guitar from his recently deceased farther for his 16th birthday, and how great being a part of the metal community really is.

Arcadea - “Magnificent Façade”
Arcadea - “Army of Electrons

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This week death metal icon Terrence Hobbs of Suffocation is our guest. We discuss their new record ….Of The Dark Light, the latest line-up changes, the old days of fliers and long distance phone calls vs. today's mass emails and social media, what it's like to play a classic record in its entirety and the band's approach of "no small talk" death metal.

Brandon and Pete introduce the world to a new wonder drug, discuss how Kathy Griffin stole a heavy metal idea, Oceano's surprising first-week sales numbers, Linkin Park topping the charts after becoming a pop act, Tom Araya getting a statue at a Ukrainian Zoo and much more.

Suffocation - “Return to the Abyss”
Suffocation - “Your Last Breaths”

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