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We discuss how their new record No Cross, No Crown is their first as a four piece in 12 years, the difference between the writing process with Pepper Keenan as opposed to as a three piece, the loyal fa base that allows them to write the material they want and consistently land spots on amazing package tours, the importance of producer John Custer, the re-release of Eye for an Eye to honor the late vocalist Eric Eycke, their upcoming 60-day tour with Black Label Society and much more.

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We speak about the latest entry in the Dimevision series, her feelings on a potential Dimebag hologram tour, how much she is involved in the Ride for Dime and Dimebash organizations after the negative press from the last few outings, her favorite scene in Dimevision Vol. 2, her desire for the surviving members of Pantera to be on good terms and the legacy of a true metal icon.

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We talk about Trump's America, Charlottesville, race relations in America, NFL players taking a knee, Flynn's stand against Phil Anselmo's racist outburst, how Dimebag Darrell's death affected him, the rape allegations against Decapitated, Machine Head's new album "Catharsis," its more melodic direction and how fans may react to it, how it's similar to The Burning Red, his decision to rap on the album, how current political and social events inspired the lyrics... and that's just the beginning.

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We discuss the current Soulfly tour on which the band is performing Nailbomb’s Point Blank in its entirety, the influence younger bands had on Cavalera Conspiracy's new album Psychosis, his favorite underground metal bands, Max's top four records he's ever made, his hopes for the future of Killer Be Killed, the 20th anniversary of Soulfly (and a new record coming out in 2018), and his favorite records that were created by one of his kin.

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We talk about the origins of Big Dumb Face, how he keeps his different projects from crossing lines, his stint with Marilyn Manson, being isolated in Detroit, the lessons he learned from the Black Light Burns records, the importance of writing full albums, the extinction of music as an art form and the future of all of his projects.

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