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This week, Carley Coma, lead singer of the revitalized Candiria, guests on the podcast! We find out about how faith shaped his path in life, his passion for MMA, and risking his life for music. Also: when will we hear some new material for the band?  

Plus: Eyal Levi jumps back in for another session of One Minute to Midnight featuring unsigned bands looking for some expert advice on their music. Deconsecrate and The Residence get their music listened to and picked over by one of the best in the business! And Chuck and Godless discuss the flap last week between former GWAR vocalist Kim Dylla (aka Vulvatron) and current GWAR guitarist Brent Purgason (aka Pustulus Maximus), and whether the band should have handled the situation differently or not.


Candiria – "Faction"
We Butter the Bread With Butter – "Berlin, Berlin!"

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