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Sevendust frontman Lajon Withersppon guests this week! We chat about the new album Kill the Flaw, the differences between touring at the age of 21 and touring today with a family back home, how his family is growing and what that will mean for the bands future plans, how the band's history with bad decisions and unfortunate circumstances weighs on their current processes and what surprising item of clothing he was wearing when he met his wife for the first time. We almost went down a car talk wormhole, too.

We also discuss the GoFundMe campaign for a member of a band who faked her fight with cervical cancer. What does it mean that in this time where bands are struggling to make any kind of living you have a person trying to take advantage of a music scene's generosity? Could their be wider consequences than just the people affected directly by this incident? We salute Lemmy for getting back on tour and announce our own crowd funding campaign, too.

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